Limitation of liability

Limitation of liability

Safety Warnings

Please use Tweddy carefully and with caution. Follow the guidelines listed below:

1.Never use force when using Tweddy, or push towards the end of the ear canal. It could compress the earwax, or in the worst case, damage the eardrum.

2.People with sensitive ears should use Tweddy with extra care. Please follow the 'instructions for use' and do not scratch the inside of the ear forcefully.

3.If you have previous ear diseases, do not use Tweddy or similar products, but rather consult a doctor. Consult your general practitioner and/or an ENT specialist to assess whether you can safely start using Tweddy in the future. Using Tweddy with a pre-existing ear pathology without medical advice could aggravate the existing pathology.

4.Please use Tweddy in a clean, well-lit and still environment. Using the Tweddy in a moving vehicle and/or without vision may accidentally damage the ear.

5.Please use Tweddy only for its intended purpose, i.e. the removal of ear wax in the ears. Do not insert Tweddy into the nostrils or any other part of the body.

6.Children SHOULD NOT use Tweddy. Please keep Tweddy out of the reach of children!


The products mentioned above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent specific discomfort or disease related to earwax buildup, rather they provide a solution to remove excess earwax in a safe and convenient manner. If you have a health problem or a pre-existing ear disease, consult an appropriate physician or specialist before using Tweddy earwax removal tools. Tweddy is NOT intended to be a substitute for a doctor's advice or prescription.

Safety warning: Tweddy is intended to be used for personal care and hygiene only. Tweddy is not suitable for the diagnosis, cure, reduction, treatment or prevention of any disease or health condition. Persons with sensitive ears or previous ear health conditions should not use this device. The device is suitable for adults only, do not use it on children or animals. Stop using the device immediately in case of unpleasant sensations. Use the device carefully and do not apply force to it. Improper use of the device may cause damage or pain.